Urgent Care Services

Urgent care centres primarily on treating injuries or illnesses requiring immediate care, but not serious enough to require an A&E visit
In 2013 Professor Sir Bruce Keogh’s review of Urgent and Emergency care stated; “For people with urgent but non-life threatening needs we must provide highly responsive effective and personalised services outside of hospital. These services should deliver care in or as close to people’s homes as possible”

This new direction in health care delivery is commonly known as ‘See and Treat’ and is already being used by some ambulance services in the form of a Paramedic diagnostic pathway tool.

Paramedics are able to practice as an autonomous professional, exercising their own discretion and judgement. They are able to assess a clinical situation, determine the nature and severity of the problem and call upon the required knowledge and experience to deal with it.

We are able to make decisions about the most appropriate care pathway for a patient and refer patients appropriately.

We understand the need to engage service users and Carers in planning and evaluating diagnostics, treatments and interventions to meet their needs and goals.

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