In Issue 12 of the Qualsafe Awards Newsletter, it was announced that the QCF (Qualification Credit Framework)
was due to be withdrawn on 31st December 2017. With the QCF now starting to be phased out, we would like to
introduce you to its replacement – the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), which was officially launched on
1st October 2015.
What is the RQF?
The Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) has been specifically designed to provide more flexibility for
Awarding Organisations to design qualifications that meet the particular needs of Learners and employers, whilst
still maintaining the high quality standards that people have come to expect from regulated qualifications.
What does this mean for Centres?
With the QCF winding down over the next two years. Qualsafe Awards will begin transitioning its current range of
qualifications from the QCF to the RQF. Whilst this is happening, you can rest assured that the impact this will
have on them is minimal, with most of the work being done by Qualsafe Awards behind the scenes. However, there
are a few small points that Centres should be aware of going forward:
• As of 1st October 2015, all new qualifications that we develop will sit on the RQF and
not the QCF,
• Qualifications on the RQF will now feature a new term – Total Qualification Time
(TQT). This new count will be a quick reference guide for Learners and employers
to understand the size and scale of the qualification they are undertaking, as it
combines the guided learning hours, as well as the time for assessment and selfdirected
• Over the next two years, we will be sending out communications as the RQF starts
to be rolled out across the existing range of qualifications, so please keep your eyes
peeled for updates and information about the changes.
If you have any questions about the RQF or would like further information, please
contact us on 01257 471700 and we will be happy to help.